About Patricia Meredith

About Patricia Meredith

Come for the mystery, stay for the characters…

Patricia Meredith is an author of historical and cozy mysteries. When she’s not writing, she’s playing board games with her husband, creating imaginary worlds with her two children, or out in the garden reading a good book with a cup of tea. She currently lives just outside Colorado Springs.

Patricia’s first series, the Spokane Clock Tower Mysteries, is the product of uncovering fascinating local history circa 1901, making it the first historical mystery series set in Spokane, Washington. Her second series about Anna Katharine Green is the first and only historical fiction featuring the Mother of Detective Fiction, the woman who inspired the entire mystery genre as we know it today. After an enlightening trip to the North Pole, she began her third series following the escapades of the talking snowman, Sam Shovel, as he solves mysteries at Christmastime. Her fourth series follows sisters Goose and Penny through the historical nineties (1990s, that is), as they work through local bird-themed mysteries. Her mysteries are clean, cozy reads known for their quirky yet believable characters, backed by extensive research.

Patricia’s first book of poetry, Happenings, is available in ebook format, as well as her palindrome mystery inspired by Agatha Christie’s real-life disappearance: Murder for a Jar of Red Rum. Patricia’s short story, “Mary, Did You Know” also appears in the Christmas anthology Christmas Fiction Off the Beaten Path.

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Before taking the dive into mystery, Patricia Meredith was a fiction editor working with magazines, businesses, and publishers on a variety of projects from art books (such as The Art of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire) to fantasy novels (such as Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, winner of the 2013 Scribe Award for Best Original Novel). She has worked with such names as George R.R. Martin, Tracy Hickman, and Graham McNeill (click here for a complete list). She launched the novel department for Fantasy Flight Games, so she also has experience in the behind-the-scenes of publication.

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