News Clipping: The Language of Letters

News Clipping: The Language of Letters

I found the following little editorial article published in The Spokesman-Review, May 6, 1901, and thought it exceedingly interesting. I hope you do, too!

(Transcription for easier reading)

What is the language of postage stamps when pasted on letters? M.K.
The following, called the postage stamp flirtation, may be what you want:

Upside down, left upper corner, I love you
Crosswise, same corner, my heart is another’s
Upright, same corner, goodbye, sweetheart
Upside down, right upper corner, write no more
In the middle of right edge, write at once
In the middle of upper edge, yes
In middle, lower edge, no
Right hand corner, crosswise, do you love me
Top corner, right, I wish your acquaintance
Bottom corner, left, I seek your friendship
On line with surname, accept my love
Same place, upside down, I am engaged
Crosswise, at same place, I long to see you.

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