Late Night Book Chat

Late Night Book Chat

We’ve got something crazy fun happening over on my YouTube channel now!

Late Night Book Chat

Live every Monday night at 9pm MST/ 11pm EST!

Join us live for a one-hour chat hosted by myself and my husband, Andrew D Meredith, where we’ll invite special guests each week to join us for an interview and to chat books! 

Watch the pilot episode now!

In the pilot episode, we revealed our Secret Projects!

Andrew’s got a new cozy fantasy, and I’ve got a new cozy mystery releasing this spring! Watch the video to learn more!

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Tonight, we’ll be airing our second episode, with a special cover reveal for Andrew’s new book in celebration of pre-orders!

Special Pre-order Deal:

Pre-order the print version of Quaint Creatures and get the ebook for FREE! The first 25 pre-orders will also receive the audiobook (via Spotify) for FREE! Only available through our website

Ebook and audiobook release May 14, print releases May 31! Pre-orders will receive each version of the book on their respective release day. 


Why Late Night Book Chat?

Andrew and I have really enjoyed being a part of the BookTube community. We’ve made so many amazing friendships! Our favorite part has been doing interviews—whether on other channels or my own.

We love the live chat aspect in particular, so when we were discussing how we wanted to focus our YouTube endeavors this year, we quickly landed on the idea of doing a live talk show.

Upon further discussion, we realized there’s always something happening, either online or in person on Fridays and Saturdays. Monday nights, however?

So we thought: what better way to start off the week than with a live book chat? And since we’re parents with kids, why not do it late at night after the kids are down?

Of course, we always knew we’d focus on the Bookish Community, and so we’ve got a line-up for you this year that features authors, editors, BookTubers, bookstore owners, and more!

We hope you’ll join us live when you can to be a part of our “live studio audience,” and catch up on missed episodes when it’s too late a night for you!

Our goal is to be a bright spot in the entertainment world, and to remind folks that books and stories in general can bring people together!

Set your notification bell for next week’s first live special guest!

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