Six Little Truffles

Six Little Truffles

It’s almost here! Christmas is almost here!

I absolutely LOVE Christmastime. It’s one of my favorite times of year. Because of this, I won’t be posting between now and the new year. To tide you over in the meantime and to wish you the very best of the year, I’d like to gift you with a new mini-short story entitled “Six Little Truffles and What They Learned.”

This special story also comes with illustrations hand-drawn by my exceedingly talented husband, Andrew Meredith. (If you’re a lover of fantasy, you can follow him here at his website.)

I’ve included the first chapter below for your enjoyment, but if you want to read the full thing, and own a copy on your ebook reader, please sign up for my newsletter using the pop-up on this page.

(NOTE: This is different than the blog updates that you can sign up for on the bottom of this page. The newsletter will send you my fun little side projects, but much fewer and farther between than my blogs, which will continue to go up twice a month.)

Please enjoy this taster of my short story, “Six Little Truffles and What They Learned.”

I hope you found this a fun little appetizer to whet your appetite. To find out which of the truffles will be the First Chosen, please sign up for my newsletter to receive the full downloadable short story!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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