How Libraries Help Authors

How Libraries Help Authors

Looking for something to read this summer? Check out books from your library! Worried it doesn’t support authors? Learn more about how libraries help authors in more ways than one in my new video on YouTube!

Thank you Spokane County Library, Spokane Public Library, Stevens County Library, and Pikes Peak Library District for offering my books to your patrons!

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Be sure to visit my Events page to find out when I’ll be doing my next virtual event through a library. The great thing about virtual is that ANYONE can attend from ANYWHERE!

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Cupboards All Bared

In this sequel to Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Taker, we’re once again transported to Spokane, 1901. A body discovered in Hangman Creek looks to be the result of an accidental fall, but what begins as a “simple” mystery for Thomas Carew and his twin brother Bernard quickly becomes a lot more complicated, including implications that tie in with the bombings at the Idaho mines, and perhaps even President McKinley’s planned visit.

Cupboards All Bared is Book 2 in the Spokane Clock Tower Mysteries.

Cupboards All Bared is available in all formats wherever books are sold! Click the image above to find it in your favorite format, or request it today from your local bookstore!

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