Crazy Maids in a Row Unboxing

Crazy Maids in a Row Unboxing

A little over ONE WEEK TILL RELEASE!! I took the opportunity of unboxing to tell you a little more about the history, locations, returning characters, and more concerning the third book in the Spokane Clock Tower Mysteries: Crazy Maids in a Row!

Coming October 25th!

Thank you for joining me for the unboxing of Crazy Maids in a Row, Book 3 in the Spokane Clock Tower Mysteries! Now available for pre-order in all three formats everywhere books are sold!

“Her books are a high that no drug can match.”

— @purposeofabook, Bookstagram Reviewer

“Page-turning addicting!”

— @thegingermorticia, Bookstagram Reviewer

“All the Agatha Christie vibes I could want.…”

— @bibliobrunette, Bookstagram Reviewer

The insane belong in the asylum. But what if the insane are the only ones who can help you?

The Baker is in the Medical Lake asylum, which means all should be well with the world. But when a string of murders draws Marian, Archie, and the Carew brothers to her doorstep, they begin to wonder if she’s at it again…

If you missed it before, watch the Crazy Maids in a Row book trailer right here!

Crazy Maids in a Row is Book 3 in the Spokane Clock Tower Mysteries, coming October 25!

Now available for pre-order wherever books are sold in all three formats! 

Be sure to read Books 1 & 2 before diving into Book 3. Learn more here.

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