We’re Moving!

We’re Moving!

We have exciting news! We’re moving to Colorado Springs!

I won’t be posting any new blogs for the next few weeks as we make this transition. We’re very excited, though I’m sure you have a few questions.

But…wait! What about the Spokane Clock Tower Mysteries?

Never fear, the Spokane Clock Tower Mysteries will not end just because I’m moving. I will be changing my author bio, though I suppose I could keep it since I’ll still be living “just outside Spokane”—just REALLY far outside! Haha.

I take comfort in the fact that authors are constantly writing about cities where they don’t live, though I’ve been thoroughly blessed to be able to live and research in the city where my series takes place thus far.

How will you do research?

I’ve been spending this summer stocking up on all the local hands-on research I need for the next THREE books in the series! I’ve also made so many amazing contacts I know for certain I need only reach out and ask to receive answers to all my most pressing questions.

There’s also the bonus that so much is available online now for researching! For example, I can view a lot of the photographs I need right here at the Ferris Archives’ online portal. You can search photographs or objects. Check it out! There are some fascinating items available! (I recommend searching for 1900 to find all sorts of things associated with my books and Spokane in 1901!)

And thanks to the fact that we have so many family and friends in the Spokane area, I’ll be back often for more in-person events, research, photographing, videos, and more!

What about events?

Because we’re moving to a new city, and one that’s easily accessible to much of the country, I’ll be planning a much broader spectrum of in-person events across the US!

If you’re in Colorado or any of the surrounding states, let me know if you’d be interested in scheduling an event with me in the near future! (Don’t forget: Book 3 releases October 25th!)

I’m also ALWAYS available for virtual events! Ask your library or favorite bookstore about scheduling with me today!

Book Clubs! Don’t forget: you can always reach out to me about participating in your next discussion if your club is reading one of my books! I’d love to share more about the behind-the-scenes of writing and answer any questions you might have for me!

Be sure to watch my website here on the events page for my next event!

Other questions? Leave me any questions you might have in the comments and I’ll get back to you when I can between packing!

Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes you can send my way as we begin this next season in our lives. Next stop, Colorado!

Book 3 in the Spokane Clock Tower Mysteries releases October 25th!

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