As we near the end of Women’s History Month, it’s time to announce my NEW novel COMING SOON!

In 2019, I wrote my first draft of this novel. For the past four years I’ve been researching, reading, and soaking up anything and everything I could learn about a certain female author who has been forgotten.

Fifteen years before Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published A Study in Scarlet, Anna Katharine Green began writing The Leavenworth Case, inspiring the creation of detectives like Sherlock, Poirot, and Wimsey, as well as almost every device and convention we now recognize as standard in detective mystery fiction. 

When her father’s client is found murdered, Anna takes up the call to prove innocent the young girl accused of the murder. The investigation inspires many of the events, characters, and descriptions that would later be published in her debut novel.

A love letter to mystery and writing itself, A Deed of Dreadful Note is an homage and reintroduction to an author who was the Agatha Christie of her time but a forgotten female today. 

This book is a fictionalized account of how Anna Katharine Green’s first novel may have come to be…

Release Date, Cover, and More Coming Soon!

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  1. Looking forward to your next book! Have you ever thought of incorporating the time about 1912 or so when TB patients were being treated and living in tents on the South Hill? I have photo of my Grandfather outside one of the tents as he was a patient.

    1. Wow that’s so neat you have a photo! I have absolutely considered doing a series set in 1914, since a lot of things happened in Spokane then, including the building of the Davenport Hotel and so much more. For now, I’m focusing on getting the rest of this first series finished. It’ll be 13 books total (a Baker’s dozen 😉 spanning the complete building of the clock tower from 1901-1902. So much more to come! Thank you for reading!

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